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Mobile Sales Tools: 13 Free and Paid Apps for Sales Reps in 2023 Sarah Chan Rejante March 08, 2023

Imagine you're a sales rep at a trade show, and you've just connected with a handful of potential prospects.

After a long day of networking at the event, the last thing you want to do is head back to the office and update contact details in your CRM system.

Today, phones and other mobile devices do so much more than just keep us connected with our loved ones. They're our mini-office in our pocket.

By downloading a mobile sales tool onto their phone, field sales reps are able to perform all of their essential tasks while they're onsite, and share real time data with their team.

In today's article, we'll be taking you through some of our favorite free and paid mobile sales tools so you can level up your sales game!

What is a mobile sales tool?

Mobile sales tools are applications that help sales reps perform their job duties from their phone or mobile device—almost like a portable workspace.

They bridge the gap between the office and the field by providing the necessary information sales reps need to succeed.

Most industry sales tools, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales enablement software, team communication apps, and office tools have a mobile version for phones or other devices.

These mobile sales apps allow field sales reps to facilitate sales, track leads, communicate with team members, and more, all while out in the field.

Mobile sales tools help empower sales reps so that they feel confident, informed, and prepared to take a sale from start to finish from anywhere, and at any time. What better way to boost sales performance?

Who should use mobile sales tools?

mobile sales tools

Mobile sales tools can benefit all sales reps, however they are particularly useful for helping field sales teams maintain their sales territories .

If you currently employ an outside sales team, investing in mobile sales tools can help boost productivity, optimize your sales enablement, and help your sales reps close more sales.

Field sales reps are regularly on the go, so everything they use needs to be as flexible as they are—including their sales tools.

Whether they're networking at events, closing deals in client offices, or signing digital contracts, field sales reps require a consistent connection to the tools and information they would normally have access to from a desktop computer.

Sales reps who work from the office or remotely can also benefit from mobile sales tools.

If a sales rep needs to leave their work station, they can still have access to critical information if they have mobile sales apps downloaded on their work phone.

Being able to work from one's phone helps to minimize interruptions and delays in the sales process, improve team communication, and boost your sales team's performance.

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Top free and paid mobile sales apps in 2023

You can help your team sell more and feel confident in the process by providing them with the right tools they need to succeed.

While there are plenty of sales enablement tools available, knowing which ones are right for your team can be challenging.

That's why we've put together this list of sales enablement apps and resources that can help your team grow their sales and their skills. Most of the below resources are available or accessible from mobile devices running the current iOS and Android OS.

1. Mindtickle—for sales training and data-driven coaching


Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that does exactly what its name implies. It tickles—or stimulates—the minds of your sales reps through sales training, education, and data-driven coaching.

Mindtickle is especially helpful for outside sales teams looking to grow their sales knowledge and gain new, practical sales tips and tricks as Mindtickle is available for both web and mobile users.

Sales managers can even customize targeted learning plans for their sales reps based on their needs and performance to ensure they are growing in all the right areas.

Price: $30 to $50 per month after a one-time setup fee.

2. Voila Norbert—for finding contact emails for lead gen


If you're looking to reach a new prospect and can't seem to track down their email, Voila Norbert can help bridge the gap.

Voila Norbert is a bulk email finder tool that can track down just about any corporate email address.

The app also offers additional features, such as an email list enrichment tool that includes information such as job title, company name, location, and more.

Not convinced? Voila Norbert offers 50 free searches so you can try it out for yourself!

Price: First 50 emails are free; after that, $49 per month

3. Showpad—for streamlining your sales process

If you're looking for a sales enablement platform that can streamline your marketing and sales process, look no further than Showpad.

Showpad unifies marketing and sales teams through efficient and effective centralized content management and improved visibility into content performance.

Essentially, Showpad gives your sales reps content they can use to sell, while empowering marketing to keep the assets up-to-date and on-brand.

Showpad also provides helpful analytics about how these assets performed so that marketing teams can draw insights that will guide future content creation.

Learn more about Showpad in this video:

Showpad Sales Enablement Overview by Showpad

Price: $35 to $45 per user

4. Signtime—for signing contracts while on the go


Closing a deal while on the road? With Signtime, you can collect signatures from anyone, anywhere.

Signtime is a remote contract signing tool that allows you to send documents via SMS for signing.

This is a convenient sales tool for field sales reps and remote workers alike as it helps close deals faster and more efficiently.

Signtime is especially useful for businesses working with international customers as they are able to sign contracts without any additional delays due to distance.

Price: Free plan available

5. SalesRabbit—the sales app for field reps


Door-to-door sales reps will love SalesRabbit, a sales enablement service and mobile CRM that dubs itself "the complete outside sales app."

SalesRabbit offers a host of useful tools for outside sales teams, including territory mapping, lead tracking, digital forms and contracts, and progress reporting.

Their "Data Grid AI" add-on even goes one step further by using machine learning to provide additional customer intelligence to your field sales reps. Using this information, they can identify ideal customers in any neighborhood, focus their canvassing efforts more effectively, and plan better routes.

Price: Starts from $39 per user

6. SPOTIO—for territory mapping and task automation


Looking to improve efficiency in your outside sales teams?

The SPOTIO mobile sales app centralizes sales activity, provides territory mapping and is an all-around robust sales engagement software.

One of the most interesting features SPOTIO has to offer is its time-saving task automation feature which reduces the workload and amount of data entry for your sales reps.

The app also offers a host of other sales enablement features, including customer mapping, activity management, sales sequencing, and hybrid multi-channel communication.

Price: Starts from $39 per user

7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator—best for finding and connecting with qualified leads

Tap into LinkedIn's 900+ million user base using its dedicated sales platform, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, right from your phone.

Through the app, sales reps can search for, connect and communicate with qualified leads, as well as receive daily lead recommendations from the app based on their preferences.

Want to learn how to generate more leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Check out this helpful YouTube tutorial:

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation [2023 Updated Guide] by Ravi Abuvala

Price: Starts from $79.99 per month

8. Hubspot Sales Hub—for sales reporting and analytics


Hubspot Sales Hub provides sales representatives with all of the relevant information and mobile tools they need to increase sales and report their successes.

The app is built on the original Hubspot CRM platform and, as with all of Hubspot products, connects seamlessly across the entire Hubspot ecosystem.

This is ideal for businesses already using or thinking about using Hubspot as their main CRM platform.

Price: Starts from $45 per month

9. Zendesk Sell—for all the CRM essentials


Maximize productivity and minimize friction using Zendesk Sell, a leading mobile sales tool and integrated sales CRM.

Zendesk is a great tool to assist your outside sales team as it allows them to view all customer interactions from one platform and collaborate with marketing and support teams to provide a seamless experience for all customers.

Zendesk also offers a wide variety of sales tools, all available through their mobile app, including sales engagement tools, a power dialer, sequences, pipeline analytics, and more.

Price: Starts from $49 per month

10. ZoomInfo—for data-driven insights on leads


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform offering a powerful database of company and contact insights, intelligence and purchasing intent data.

Through ZoomInfo, your sales reps will have access to the most up to date industry insights which will help them better understand their current leads and future opportunities.

ZoomInfo also integrates with a number of major CRM platforms including Hubspot and Salesforce to enrich your existing prospect database with more precise information including team sizes, funding, direct dial phone numbers and more.

Price: $15,000 per year

11. Calendly—for seamless booking of calls


Schedule meetings and calls with ease using Calendly, an automated booking app that integrates with most of the major calendar apps, including Google Calendar, Outlook and iCloud.

Calendly eliminates the need for the typical back-and-forth emails to schedule a call or meeting, enabling the sales process conveniently and efficiently.

Simply set up your preferences through the Calendly app ahead of time, and clients and team members will be able to book meetings directly into your calendar with just the click of a link.

Price: Freemium version available

12. Guru—a customizable wiki for companies

Don't let a customer question stop you in your tracks.

Guru puts all of your company's relevant information right in the palms of your sales reps' hands by creating a custom wiki just for your business!

This custom wiki acts as a central database that any member of your company can collaboratively update and add key company content and information to.

The idea behind Guru's wikis is to eliminate the need for employees to "shoulder tap" and search for answers to their questions. Instead, the wiki acts as a go-to resource for anything and everything related to your business.

As your company continues to grow and shift, this company wiki is also completely manageable and updatable by your team.

Price: Freemium version available

13.—an in-app video chat for authentic interactions with website visitors

If none of these tools sound like what you need, and you're looking for more personalization, you might be in the market for

Instead of marketing chatbots, provides a unique, high-touch way to interact with potential customers directly from your company's website.

It allows you to view visitor screens in real time and connect with them through video, voice or chat during key points in the customer journey.

This enables you to establish a more personalized experience, which most often results in higher engagement and better results than the average chatbot can achieve. Just treat these conversations like any other sales call, just with video.

Other websites The Glass Experience

While this isn't exactly a mobile sales tool, it provides sales reps with the means to have a face-to-face conversation with someone visiting your website.

Price: starts at $200 per month

In closing

Mobile sales tools are a valuable resource for sales teams, especially field sales reps.

There are a wide variety of mobile apps available to support sales people, including CRM software, sales enablement apps, scheduling apps, sales intelligence platforms, and pipeline management tools.

Sales managers should consider providing access to mobile sales tools to their teams in order to streamline their sales processes and improve productivity.

Sarah Chan Rejante is a digital marketer and social media coordinator based in Toronto, Canada. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Humber College and is passionate about marketing and getting in front of customers in the right way.


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