Plug your leaky sales pipeline

Speak with qualified customers, instantly.

Poor email response rates, demo no-shows, ghosted SQLs? End spray-and-pray: watch high-intent web visitors in realtime and start an instant in-app conversation with chat and video.

White-glove onboarding support • Simple Javascript install

Instant customer connect™

A human approach to plugging a leaky sales pipeline.

See exactly how visitors use your website in realtime, trigger a notification to the right sales rep when they show buying intent, and start a personalized conversation at the perfect moment.

Create a personal connection

Use chat and video to reach your customers directly on your website. Replace a chatbot with a motivated sales rep ready to help.

Enable concierge onboarding

Let VIP new customers interact with an assigned sales rep during the critical first 90 days. Notify sales rep automatically when they are struggling.

No special software required

You are minutes away from trying The async-loaded Javascript widget won't slow down your website's page load time.

A fundamentally different customer experience

Other platforms 🚨

Force users to interact with chatbots


The Glass experience ✅

Enable customers to talk directly to you in your app


How Glass works

A scalable way to reach across the screen while a website visitor is actively evaluating whether to purchase and help them make a buy decision.


See exactly how website visitors interact with your website, in realtime.

24 visitors online


Instant conversations, while visitors have your attention.



Segment website visitors (ex: existing lead, qualified lead, current customer) and notify the assigned sales rep when they on your website.


Plug your leaky sales funnel

Meet website visitors while they are showing buying intent and increase conversion from day one.


14 day trial • No credit card required



Learn how we keep end-user privacy at the heart of everything we do.


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PCI compliant

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Our approach

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