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Introducing Derek November 08, 2022

The time of a typical B2B SaaS sales rep is filled with trying to reach buyers when they don't have their attention. The symptoms? Poor email open and response rates, unsuccessful sales calls, demo no shows, and ghosted Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Sound familiar?

Think about how different today's B2B Sales experience is compared to a physical store retail experience. If I'm shopping for a new sofa, I don't visit the store and then schedule a demo for a later time. If I had to do that, I'd just visit another store. I'm able to immediately engage with a sales rep while I'm there.

We started to give Internet companies and their buyers a better, more human sales experience. Glass lets sales reps reach across the distance and help visitors make a buy decision while they are guaranteed to have their attention. After all, the customer's mind is firmly on their search at that moment

I think it’s easiest to just show you how it feels:

When you install the Glass Javascript widget on your site, you can watch a realtime view of each website visitor’s screen. Just like at a physical store, you can see when a visitor is making a purchase decision (for example, they are on your plans page). At your discretion, you can choose to chat or start a video call with this person using Glass. They will see a notification, and can choose to accept or decline. In a couple of seconds, you are connected, giving you an immediate opportunity to sign the client up. Customers can also reach out to you in the same fashion.

No calendar ping-pong, no need to collect phone numbers or email addresses, no need to install a video conferencing app. And to top it all off, Glass works just as well on mobile devices as on the desktop.

Glass is a new kind of product. How are our initial launch customers using Glass?

  1. Sales - reaching the customer in the moment of a buying decision (ex: on a pricing page) and providing white glove concierge onboarding for VIP customers.

  2. Marketing - talking to visitors in the top-of-the-funnel to understand how they are finding their product and what they were expecting. 

  3. Management - reviewing conversations with real life buyers.

It’s amazing watching sales reps come up with new ways to have authentic conversations with their customers using Glass. It’s also gratifying seeing just how receptive folks are to face-to-face, impromptu conversation. Many of them love the one-on-one interaction.

Now, some common questions about Glass:

Isn’t it creepy spying on customers this way?

Unlike in a physical store where it’s obvious employees are watching, your customers may not understand you have the ability to do this, as well. However, companies are already recording customer activity with sales tools like FullStory, ContentSquare, and others. It’s called “Digital Experience” if you want to learn more about what others do. We believe Glass is the first use of this technology to help customers right when they need it—rather than to just create more logging data to sift through at a later date.

In terms of other tools in the Digital Experience space, there’s nothing really new here, but it is important to keep in mind when you speak to people—that they may not have known about the technology, even though it is widespread in use. Glass is just the first one that prospective customers find out about, since the others all operate in the background.

What if I'm already using a widget like Intercom?

Products like Intercom are customer-support focused, optimized to reduce human interactions and help customers service themselves through chat bots. The primary users are customer support agents and existing customers.

Unlike Intercom, Glass' primary users are sales reps, prospective buyers, and in-trial customers. At this stage, establishing a human connection is critical for both sales reps and buyers. Glass is focused on providing authentic (no chat bots) conversations for these sets of users.

It's possible to enable Glass for prospective buyers and in-trial customers, and fall back to customer support products like Intercom for other use cases.

Is the widget secure to use?

Yes. Not only do we use the same secure transport that powers secured web traffic, but we also remove sensitive information. By default, this includes fields commonly used for payment information and passwords. These details are not transmitted to our Glass servers in any way. And you can customize additional accept and deny lists to match the needs of your business.

Can the widget be customized to suit my needs?

Yes. You have a wide range of styling and messaging options to fit the Glass widget display to your use case.

Can I filter the Glass live view visitors on my site?

Yes. For example, you can choose to watch virtual displays of people who have viewed the pricing page today, landed on your site via a Google Adwords campaign, or have spent more than five minutes on a specific page. You'll love the simplicity of it.

About Glass

With, you can reach across the screen and help visitors make a buy decision. See exactly how visitors use your website in realtime, trigger a notification to the right sales rep when they show buying intent, and start a personalized conversation (chat or video) at the perfect moment.

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